Beta iGrann [update v1.0.0.2] – Instagram client application with full native features on BB10

iGrann application is known for a long time when the author announced the idea as well as regularly updated schedule of product development.
However, native apps for BB10 Instagram client first appeared on the BlackBerry World yesterday named BlackGram.
However, many users still want to wait iGrann so it has more features and especially BlackGram will iGrann Free, also BlackGram then sold for $ 2.99.

iGrann is an app client Instagram with full functionality:

Register an account
Browse your feed
Browse Photos & Videos
Upload Photos
Apply native filters to photos
Apply native frames to photos
Like and Unlike Photos & Videos
Comment Photos & Videos
Explore Popular Photos & Videos
Browse Profiles
Follow and Unfollow Users
Search Users
Search Hashtags
View News
ReGrann Photos
Share Photos
And much much more…

The feature is under development and will soon be available:

Upload Videos
Receive notifications

Supported Languages:

Please see the demo clip after iGrann View on Mobile iGrann Although the BlackBerry World has been submitted for approval, but we can experience just by sideload bar files (provided by the authors) to its BB10

Download: iGrann!LQsD3ZZJ!Si5WlXAku84vgxgVMyyFHk_TSfYXzSC1DG_onCMMYuw

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