Facebook v4.1.0.19 Now Available for BlackBerry OS 5 to 7.1 Smartphones

FaceBook :

OS5: http://t.co/fGGu4p93K1

OS6: http://t.co/MVz1jYNebq



Facebook version for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5 and higher is now available on the BlackBerry World storefront. Facebook v4.1 makes it easier than ever to stay connected with friends and family and keep on top of your social life while on the move.

The new Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones version 4.1 includes:

→ Ø  Easier Access to News Feed Filtering Options – Facebook 4.1 makes it even easier to access your News Feed Filters. You can now select Show All, Status Updates, Photos or Links directly from the Navigation List as well as from your BlackBerry Menu Key.

→ Ø  Refreshed Profile Design – Facebook 4.1 has an exciting new look and feel for your Profile page. You’ll be able to view your cover photo, larger profile pictures plus there’s a new ‘more actions’ button that allows you to view another user’s cover photo in full screen mode.

→ Ø  Set Your Profile Photo – With Facebook 4.1 you can easily change your profile photo using the BlackBerry Menu Key on your smartphone. Simply select a photo from an album, press the BlackBerry Menu Key and select ‘Set As Profile Picture’.

→ Ø  Photo Tags – Facebook now allows you to view multiple photo tags in your News Feed. You can see the profile names for up to two people tagged with your photo. For three or more people tagged with your photo, the number of people tagged will be displayed. You can then click on this to find out who’s been tagged.

→ Ø  Additional Improvements – Facebook 4.1 provides a fix for notification clearing and the issue of receiving multiple, duplicate friend requests. 

Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones version 4.1 is available for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 5, 6, 7 and 7.1.