Leaked OS For Almost All BlackBerry 10 Devices

Kris and the BerryLeak team has just leaked OS version for almost all devices (sorry STL100-1 users this will not work for your device). This is a full autoloader and can be installed like you have in the past. For those of you unsure how to load it we have a quick how-to below. Thanks again goes out to Kris and his team for all they do with these leaks.

Here’s the links:

→ Download OS for STL100-2, STL100-3, and STL100-4 through MEGA here


or through Google Docs here.


→ Download OS for the Q10 through mega here


or through Google Docs here.


→ Download OS for STL100-4 through Google Docs here.


→ Download OS for the Q5 through Google Docs here.


Here is how you update your BlackBerry 10 with this leaked OS.

→ Backup your BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry Link (the autoloader will wipe your device).

→ Close BlackBerry Link.

→ Download autoloader OS.

→ Turn off the device.

→ Run autoloader.exe (windows Vista 7 and 8 run as admin).

→ When “connecting to Bootrom” appears on system connect your BlackBerry 10 to PC and turn on device.

→ Wait for process to finish and phone to reboot.

→ The update will wipe your device, so you can either restore all the info from your backup through BlackBerry Link or just start fresh if you want.

As always make sure to backup your device before updating to the newest release just to be safe. Also remember BlackBerry Empire is not responsible for anything that may go wrong during the update process.

    The following is a list of found defects or general notices:

Issue: Evernote app not working
Solution: Use Remember app integration

Issue: Twitter account might not get restored properly.
Solution: Delete and recreate on the device.

General Notice: Android player is same as 1157. Expect nothing different.

Issue: Android runtime still occasionally has no internet connection error.
Solution: Hard reset device by holding Volume Up and Volume Down until device reboots.

General Notice: Black Spinner has been re-modified.

Issue: BlackBerry Protect will turn off after reboot.
Solution: None.

Issue: BlackBerry World “Installed Apps” tab shows only core apps after restore. Other apps will appear in the “Available” tab.
Solution: Download app again from “Available” tab. Known problem in 10.2 leaks so far.

General Notice:
Bedside mode digital clock has visual fixes.

General Notice: New BSIS setting in About > Hardware. The signing keys are linked to your
devices BlackBerry ID in use.

General Notice: Hidden SSID is now displayed as “Hidden SSID” during setup.

General Notice: Joyn calling within phone app is present.

General Notice: Lock Screen Notification is working.

General Notice: Mobile HotSpot on Verizon Wireless now works.

General Notice: New Copy & Paste and text selection within Android Runtime [same since 1047].

Issue: Quick Access bar in contacts is broken.
Solution: Sideload 1157 version of sys.pim.contacts.bar

General Notice: Remember allows sorting

General Notice: Still no Wi-Fi Direct for Z10 devices.

General Notice: New display settings link in notifications settings.

General Notice: Updated Chinese keyboard (12 keys)

General Note: Use of Advanced options required for EAS accounts setup. Especially for the forever length sync.

General Note: After a restore, when re-entering accounts information: deleting the accounts
and re-adding them fresh is recommended.

General Note: Wi-Fi settings are remembered after reboot.

Source: CB – http://goo.gl/a7Qbji