BlackBerry 10.2 and Instagram Keyboard issues Fixed

Okay, so I’ve noticed a lot issue with BlackBerry keyboard and Instagram , well I use Facebook Home and noticed it has the launcher with it, so I basically installed the Google keyboard and run it and boom works like a charm, even has the swipe feature working. So if you need Instagram keyboard you may want to try this option before installing launchers.  you can download the keyboard here You will need to convert it to a bar file and install.!QsFiFChB!FMarb2407AmkbcYH9kGXAin1K25WG2HP3DXXP-KpJc8

 Install Facebook Home and Facebook bars if you don’t already have it
Download and convert/Install the Keyboard apk
Open the keyboard app and do steps one and two then reboot
open Facebook home and toggle to apps, open the keyboard and finish setup
you can long press on the keyboard to switch input method if needed for other android apps.

Hope this helps and enjoy!