Web Design Cheat Sheet App Gets Updated V2.1

WDCS got an update to v2.1. With this update comes some new stuff. This includes a new paid version of the app, along with the free one.
What’s in the update?
Built For BlackBerry Certified
HTML5/CSS editor within the app lets you create a website and preview it and then remember app or email yourself the code (paid version)
editor within all HTML5 elements pages ,see a fully working example of each element, edit it and preview it

Web Design Cheat Sheet is a reference tool for HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript which gives:

1. Useful Information
2. Syntax
3. Examples
4. Resources
5. Code Editors
6. Documentation
7. Video Tutorials
8. Site Feeds & More


HTML5 Reference Sheet (FREE)
– HTML5 Resources ($0.99)
– – HTML5 Code Editor
– – Video Tutorials
– – Introductory HTML5 Resources
– – Quick Links
CSS3 Reference Sheet (Paid) // CS
JavaScript Reference Sheet (Paid) // CS
Web Design Site Feeds (FREE)


– Reader Mode
– BBM Connected
– Share Functionality
– Editor for HTML5 Elements
– Resources Section for HTML5
– W3Schools Support for HTML5 Elements
– Landscape Orientation Support in WebViews
– Request Additional Site Feeds
– App Cover When Minimized
– Sort by Letter

Built For BlackBerry Certified:
This App has achieved the Built for BlackBerry™ designation. This means that it has been through a rigorous approval process at BlackBerry and will deliver a quality BlackBerry® 10 experience.

Planned Features:

– Search Functionality

Permissions Explained:

BlackBerry Messenger
– (So you can invite BBM contacts to download the App)
– (Needed to obtain feed sources & allow for WebViews within the App)

Known Bugs:

Playing Video Sometimes Results in Audio Only Playback
– Workaround: Back out of Video & Refresh Page
WebView Goes Black After Backing Out of Video
– Workaround: Back Out of WebView Page & Reopen it
– Fixed in Newer Versions of 10.1 & 10.2
Reader Mode Sometimes Results in 502 Error
– Workaround: Back Out of WebView Page & Reopen it
– May Have to Do This Multiple Times*
– Currently A Bug on Instapaper’s End, Looking for Fix

*The added reference sheets and features will be added upon demand*

Next on List:

– Site Feeds ‘Inspiration’ Section
– CSS3 Section

Get the free download from BlackBerry World. Or get the paid 99 cent version here.