IntouchApp Contacts – Backup + Sync + Auto-update NOW AVAILABLE FOR BLACKBERRY 10.
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IntouchApp is the easiest way to backup, sync and transfer your contacts in and out of BlackBerry®. NOW AVAILABLE FOR BLACKBERRY 10.

Transfer contacts between BlackBerry and other smartphones devices in minutes. Hassle free – No PC / USB / Mac / Wires / BlackBerry Desktop Software, etc., required. Never worry about your contacts again!

AUTO-UPDATING CONTACTS: Get your contacts’ latest information automatically updated on your phone and when you change your information, it updates directly in their phone!

COMPLETE BACKUP & SYNC: Securely backup your contacts and view them across all your devices and online. Edit on one device and see the changes on others automatically.

DIGITAL BIZ CARD: Go Green, save some tress, and never be without your biz card. Send professional looking biz card to contacts.

MEET & CONNECT: Easily exchange contact info when you meet people or send your digital contact card & save some trees!

INSTANT TRANSFER TO NEW DEVICE: Buying a new device? Just log into the app and restore all your contacts to the new device!

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We at Intouch are committed to keep you in touch with the people that matter to you by ensuring you have each other’s latest contact information accessible all the time. We promise to give you lots of exciting value-add features very soon! Do Stay In-Touch!

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