WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry 10 Gets A Nice Update to v2.10.9455 in BlackBerry World


WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry 10 gets a nice update to v2.10.9455 in BlackBerry World. Version 2.10.9455 includes several bug fixes, enhancements, wallpaper integration, new

payment screen/options, smoother hub integration and much more!
WhatsApp is a cross-platform smartphone messenger available for BlackBerry and 4 other major handsets, to get the update for BlackBerry 10 head on over to BlackBerry World.



    WhatsApp updated with slew of fixes and tweaks

Cross-platform messaging client WhatsApp has had a beefy update just in time for Talk Mobile’s social week. Here’s a run-down of the changelog for version v2.10.89455.1 of WhatsApp.

~Group Info Screen content is now fully scrollable, for better usability

~Account Info screen now looks nicer and has direct payment buttons

~Added basic media thumbnail browser to Group Info and Contact Info screens

~User is now notified if they try to send a message to a blocked contact, and prevented from sharing to a blocked contact

~Added an option to the Media Settings screen for setting a custom chat wallpaper

~Group chats now open to the last read message, and show an “Unread messages” separator bar

~Outgoing message status indicator now shown in the corner of the active frame

~Contact picker now supports peek when shown from the hub or a Share action

~Chat screen now appears more quickly and smoothly from the hub

~Various bug fixes for hub integration

WhatsApp users, are any major changes here leaping out for you? 


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