Blaq for BlackBerry 10 Gets Major Upgrade

Blaq Twitter client for BlackBerry 10 just received its major 1.1 upgrade, now available in BlackBerry World. Blaq is one of the best if not the best Twitter client available for BlackBerry 10, v1.1 has received many enhancements, bug fixes and a few new features along with some keyboard shortcuts for the BlackBerry Q5 and Q10.

What is new in v1.1?

Keyboard shortcuts (!) [Q5/Q10]

[C] Create
[T] Jump to top
[B] Jump to bottom
[R] Reply – only in tweet detail screen
[S] Search
[Space] Scroll down a page
[Shift + Space] scroll up a page

More keyboard shortcuts will be available in the next major release.

~BeBuzz integration
~Report Spam
~Translate tweet (Tweet options)
~Scroll-loading of friends and followers
~Scroll-loading tweets
~Save search
~Delete saved search (hold down on one in search screen)
~Search @mentions on profile
~List management – Add, edit or delete a list. Add and remove users from lists
~Change trend location
~Edit profile
~Edit avatar


~Time on each direct message
~Send on enter is now optional (Settings)
Q5/Q10 UI tweaks
~Home loading more indicator
~Retweet options – Choose which type you want by default or have it prompt you ~everytime (Prompt, Regular, Quote Tweet, Classic RT, Tweet Via)
~Mention notification is now cleared once read in the home timeline
~Search field focuses automatically [Q5/Q10]
~Hold position between launches
~Share directly from the timeline by selecting tweet options
~Notification when photo uploads post successfully or fail
~Quote Tweet now posts as a reply to a tweet
~Easier to reach New Direct Message button in Direct Messages tab
~Faster start time
~Reduced memory usage


~Non-JPG images not uploading
~Duplicate streamed tweets
~Crash when scrolling to top
~Retweeted status from muted users still show
~When composing a new direct message and a new one comes in, your message is cleared.
~Font size in DMs doesn’t match other parts of UI
~Block/report spam are in current user profile
~Empty searches
~Crash on RT of user RT
~Wrong photos on tweets
~Viewing following/followers of protected accounts causes crash
~Active frame showing notifications when there aren’t any
~Regular expression muting doesn’t match against links
~Hashtags with similar sequences break each other links are returned when copying or sharing a tweet
~Active text in tweet detail not tappable
~Minor cosmetic fixes

Head over to BlackBerry World to upgrade/purchase Blaq for BlackBerry 10 :