10.2 Beta tools & OS

Again, all you guys probably follow the updates from our dev site anyway but just in case… yesterday we had a major update of our development tools: the 10.2 Beta tools are available!

1. the 10.2 beta OS: we are making the beta OS available for download for Dev Alpha B & C devices (note this includes the JellyBean compatible Android Runtime!):


(The necessary tools for repackaging Android 4.2.2 apps are also available as stand-alone command line tools and as an Eclipse plug-in.)

2. the 10.2 beta Momentics installer: much improved user experience for developers and the footprint of the download has been reduced to around 200mb! (The appropriate SDK will have to be downloaded though.)

3. updated UI guidelines: finally (due to popular demand) we have made a PowerPoint file available with all necessary resources to support wireframes for BlackBerry 10: