Multiple Alarms on BlackBerry 10.2 Leaked! [Download Now]

Here is something for all the folks that have been waiting for BlackBerry to have multiple alarms for their BlackBerry 10 device. Thanks to Kris, lbfe, and DarcyTallGuy over in the CB forums they have extracted the Clock app out of OS and have shared the file (will work on either the Q10 or Z10 with OS 10.1). This is great news for those that need to set multiple alarms throughout the day.

Just so you know I have loaded this file on my BlackBerry Z10 and setup multiple alarms to test it and they all worked perfectly. Download the extracted Clock app file here.!QRckxJKI!V3elG3kyBbcDU4eHhJzuqW9zo6QhF1r5SNKY7fAyAL8

To load this file onto your BlackBerry 10 you can use Sachibar, DDPB, or Chrome PlayBook Extension. The file will just overwrite the existing Clock file on your device.

##Also please remember we or any of the guys that made this Clock app file are not responsible for anything that may go wrong during the process, SO INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Via blackberry empire and CB forum