Application FileScout for blackberry updated v4.0.0.8

What’s New :

Please note, that the new build of FileScout has been finally split into two Versions for the optimal device support – there is one build for OS4.3, OS4.5 and OS 4.6 and there is another build for all other OS (OS4.7, OS5.x, OS6.x and OS7.x). When you update your current build make sure that you pick the right version.

The Touch-Toolbar at the bottom of the Application (Touch devices only) should now be more responsive and list selection should not be affected any longer.

The context menu (if supported by your OS) will be now displayed again.
Highlighting of FullTextSearch Hits in the

FileScout will now mark the text in the Editor/Viewer when you Search for a certain text (incl. the ‘next’ function). Please note, that for the Edit-Mode this feature has to be enabled in the options – since the marking of the text might cause unwanted modifications while searching in the content.

Download :

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