Free BlackBerry Navigator Expands to US, Canada, & More Countries in Beta Zone (OS 6.0+)

BlackBerry first introduced BlackBerry Navigator as a free GPS app for BlackBerry 7 devices in the UK. Now they have made a huge update in the Beta Zone and opened up the beta to a handful of larger countries including: Canada, United States, Puerto Rico, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. They have also lowered the OS requirements to OS 6.0+ which includes the following devices:

BlackBerry OS7 – 9320/9350/9360/9370/9380/9790/9810/9850/9860/9900/9930/9981
BlackBerry OS6 – 9300/9330/9650/9670/9700/9780/9800

If you are looking for a free GPS app for your BlackBerry OS 6 or 7 device and live in one of the newly released countries head on over to to join the new BlackBerry Navigator program! Kudos to BlackBerry for making this one happen. I was starting to think it was going to remain UK only.

Check out the screenshots to see how the app looks 

BlackBerry Navigator Screen Shots (UK Only)

When this dropped in Beta Zone, there were reports that there was a problem with some users being able to paste their Security Keycode into Navigator. Alas; I was one of those, but having downgraded from .794 to .714 I was able to enter the Keycode no problem on my Bold 9900. Below are just some screenshots of the app, the UI is slick and easy to use from what I can tell at this stage. In fact you could say it’s  almost identical to that other free Voice Navigator out there. That’s because it is! – Just repackaged.  I’ll take it our for a proper spin first thing in the morning and give you my feedback.