Super Memo -Regular Memo Pad on steroids! V2.0.1

Super Memo – The regular Memo Pad on steroids! 2.0.1 – You can’t read a file with a strange extension? Not a problem, import it in the regular MemoPad with SuperMemo!

BlackBerry World

You keep receiving purchase reports in CSV format?
With SuperMemo just click on the report and view it in the MemoPad!

Do you want to save important memos?
Export those memos as text files with SuperMemo!

*** Features:

* Export Memo as text file (.txt)
* Import any file as Memo
* Copy Memo with just a click
* Search in Memo Body and Title
* Extended CSV file support – start import process with just a click on the CSV file
* Choose file via user-friendly interface
* Support for all kind of file extensions (.csv, .rtf, .txt, .part, .bin etc.)
* Support for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic and Slavic (Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian etc.) language
* Fast and error-free processing
* Easy to use

Version: 2.0.1
File Size: 37 KB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher


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