Mail Enhancer Pro 2.0 Released With Full Support for iOS 6

The insanely popular Mail Enhancer Projailbreak tweak by iOS developer Stefan Moellenkamp has been updated Thursday afternoon to version 2.0 with full support for iOS 6. The update is free for everybody that already owns Mail Enhancer Pro, otherwise, new users can grab Mail Enhancer Pro 2.0 for $4.99 in Cydia.

Mail Enhancer Pro is popular because of the large list of features that it brings to the iOS Mail application that Apple just happened to leave out. Some of the popular features that made Mail Enhancer Pro a hit jailbeak tweak include the following features via the Cydia description:

Choosing multiple signatures (with or without HTML) for each individual e-mail account
Enabling HTML for e-mail composition
Choosing your own rules for all incoming e-mails
Choosing custom vibrations for e-mail notifications
Choosing custom volume levels for e-mail notifications
Enabling a speech notification when you receive e-mail
Announcing e-mails using Address Book Names
Enabling the use of volume buttons to dismiss incoming notifications
Using e-mail highlighting to differentiate between important and non-important e-mails
Taking advantage of an inbox filter feature to sort through your e-mail inbox
Quickly mark e-mails read/unread, flagged/unflagged, or delete them
Quickly select or deselect all e-mails in the inbox
Version 2.0 not only adds iOS 6 support, but also allows users to enable a notification summary, adds many new rule conditions and actions, and adds support for Spanish and Japanese. The update also fixes a few bugs that were in the previous version.
For those that haven’t updated to iOS 6 yet, the iOS 5-compatible version is still available in Cydia. There is a link in the tweak description for Mail Enhancer Pro 2.0 that takes you to the iOS 5-compatible version of the tweak.