[App] BBM Money in BlackBerry World


BBM Money issued by PermataBank allows BlackBerry users with access to any Indonesian bank account to load BBM Money account and then instantly send money to their BBM Contacts, top up at full value mobile prepaid numbers anytime and transfer to any bank account.


1. Send to and receive money from your BBM Contacts (after upgrade)
2. Top up mobile prepaid numbers at full value (i.e. Rp 100.000 buys Rp 100.000 airtime, no additional charges)
3. Load BBM Money using any bank’s card at any ATM or mobile/internet banking
4. Transfer out to any Indonesian Bank Account (after upgrade)
5. Check your BBM Money account balance and recent transactions


To register for the BBM Money service you will need to have an Indonesian GSM mobile telephone number and will need access to an Indonesian bank account to be able to load money into your BBM Money account.

Registration for BBM Money only requires two simple steps:

1. Confirming your mobile number by SMS
2. Creating your profile and passcode.

Once you have registered, you will be able to load money into your BBM Money account at any ATM or via mobile/internet banking.

Upgrading Your Account

To upgrade your account to be able to send money to your BBM Contacts, visit your nearest upgrade location with your KTP ID. You can get the list of upgrade locations using the locator functionality from your BBM Money application, upgrade locations include all PermataBank branches.


BBM Money is issued by PermataBank, regulated by Bank of Indonesia and offers fit-for-purpose bank-grade security to protect the money in your BBM Money account. In addition to encryption, limits and other security features, the app is protected by a 6-digit Passcode that the user is required to enter everytime the app is opened. You should always keep your Passcode confidential and it should not be shared or written-down.

Please Note

There are no charges for downloading the app. However, your mobile network provider may charge you for data use depending on your tariff.

#Developed by PT AGIT Monitise Indonesia for PermataBank.