BatteryDoctorPro: Monitors And Optimizes iPhone Battery In A professional Way

Last night on Twitter I stumbled upon an awesome tweak called BatterDoctorPro. I found out later I didn’t need other  tweaks like NCSettings, WidgeTask, WeeKillBackground and unfortunately removed Auxo (due to compatibility reasons at the time of writing this article). Auxo is cut off by a hair in the multitasking bar. However, if you send the developer behind BatteryDoctorPro an email they will send you BatteryControlPro Beta for Auxo. Additionally, if you select the album artwork from within the Multitasking bar then Notificaiton Center you won’t be able to back out of it unless you go down to the stock Multitasking bar. Anyways, enough of the minor problems, let’s get into what BatteryDoctorPro can do for you!

BatteryDoctorPro isn’t just a battery meter, it gives users lots of options, like battery profiles, shortcut toggles, app usage tracking and more. The app took a little while to find in Cydia, because I couldn’t find it just by entering in the name of the app. I individually selected theBigBoss repo under sources, and selected the third to last non English letter to find it.

When installing BatteryDoctorPro the tweak will install a icon on your SpringBoard. If you are plugged into an outlet you will notice on your Lockscreen a nice heads up display that will show you how much time is left until your iDevice is fully charged and the charge percentage.

After installing the tweak you may get a notification alerting you to the introductory process for BatteryDoctorPro. If not, you can double tap on the status bar to start the app. You can of course change BatteryDoctorPro’s Activator option as well.

Now you will see all kinds of amazing goodies; Multitasking bar, shortcut toggles, used memory and profiles. BatteryDoctorPro comes with so many different toggles you can either get rid of NCSettings or SBSettings as well. If you tap on “used memory” all the apps will close. Since there’s a Multitasking bar and an option to close all the apps I can now remove WidgetTask and WeeKillBackground.  Profiles have three different configured battery settings to choose from; Indoor, Outdoor and Alarm settings, which you can setup to your liking as well.

In order to configure your Battery settings you can click on “setting” from the profile pop-up menu. This will take you to the application as if you click on the SpringBoard icon itself.

Here you will be able to select any of the configured battery profiles and swipe left to configure each profile to your liking. You will have the option to turn on or off certain toggles for that particular mode like, WiFi, Data, Airplane mode and more. There’s even an additional setting for brightness to remember your individual brightness percentage.

Now if you swipe right you will see all kids of options from the “List” menu and “Other”. We have already gone over the Modes menu for the different configured profile battery modes.

From the image above I’m going to go over Settings under “Other” as there are plenty of options. This is where you can Customize all twenty of the different toggles. Anything from the simple brightness and flashlight toggle to TaskClear and Reboot. You can enable or disable Modes and Multitasking in the Notification Center or display single-line or double-line under “Display settings of NC”. In the “Smart saving settings” there are all kinds of options for Standby, Sleep and Low-Power. There are so many options just in settings alone it would take a long time to cover.

Now Im going to show you some of the other options from the “List” menu such as Recharge and Records. Recharge is pretty self-explanatory and users can select the different numbers of the charging process to show a pop-up of what each stage is. Records keeps track of your charging history as shown below.

The System screen not only shows what’s going on, but you can view all kinds of other information if you scroll down to see basic information, battery information, hardware, WiFi and more.

The Rank option shows what apps are running in the background, how long they’ve been opened and how much battery usage they have consumed. Obviously the tweak doesn’t remember how long you have used the different apps prior in time, I killed all the apps after installing the tweak. It could retrieve the data if you don’t kill all the apps running in the background upon installing the tweak though.

Don’t forget this tweak is built into the Notification Center as well. You can go to Settings/Notifications and drag the “BatterDoctor Widget” into the Notification Center where they want to.

Auxo Beta

I think this tweak is great and I cannot believe it’s free! This tweak has so many options, I haven’t covered them all, but I’m sure you all will enjoy the exploring process! You’re more than welcome to leave your comments below.

Free at cydia

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