[App] Advance OS and LED [Update] V16.3

20+ Apps in 1 App (The most powerful utility app made for BlackBerry®)

* Know if it is a BBM™, SMS, Email or a Call by making upto 4 different Ringtones & LEDs PER Contact.
* Read your messages (BBM™,Email,SMS) without opening any app or even touching your phone.
* Repeat audible reminders alerts for BBM™,Email,SMS,Missed Calls.
* Make custom LEDs for battery, network, Wifi, Bluetooth and all apps Notifications.
* Restart or schedule a phone restart without battery pull.
* Battery & usage monitor feature (full statistics on all your chat, calls, device and battery usage).
* AutoText (Word Substitution) Manager, export /import, share and edit on PC.
* Backup, restore & email all contacts (with photos), export to (Excel,Outlook,Gmail), find/Merge duplicate contacts and Move all contacts to default list or manage multiple contact lists.
* Instant shortcuts launcher to start apps, open websites, call friends, automate your actions, display date, time, battery and wifi status from any screen.
* Download all email attachments automatically.
* Take screenshots with no watermarks.
* Use camera, LED or screen light as flashLights with no time limits.
* Control screen backlight to keep screen on for as long as you want.
* Provides a sound for your battery and network status (makes sound when you start, stop charging or full battery).
* Show Time and Date in every menu.
* Wallpaper changer will change your homescreen background (wallpaper) every time you look at your screen.
* Set phone call duration/timer vibration reminders while in a call.
* Prompt for call redial, call dial confirmation and save unknown numbers after phone calls.
* Lock call screen while in call and display full screen contact pictures.
* Set call loud speaker and vibrate on call connect, mute, hold and more.
* Vibrate when pressing virtual or physical keypad in all apps.

— BBM Features —
– Read BBM messages without your friends seeing ‘R’s.
– Assign an LED light and a ringtone for Each BBM contact.
– Auto delete your chat history. (Pro Version Only)

— LED Features —
– Caller LED ID
– Effects: Fade/mix or blink LED light colors.
– Color Picker: More than 100 colors and shades available using a color picker, up to 4 colors per contact or app and 14 effects per color.
– Multi-Colors: create your own disco lights up to 12 colors per 1 Multi-Color.
– Night LED Profile: Schedule Turn Off LED lights at night.
– LED Contact Groups.

— Popup Feature —
– Popups can mark as read/ delete/ call/ Launch app/ reply/ forward and so much more.
– Popups can wake up phone screen from standby.

# This free version is limited to the following:
– 15 LED Contacts.
– 12 iLaunch Items (3 for each type).
– 3 LED Multi-Colors.
– 3 Email Accounts.
– No Auto Delete BBM Chat History in the BBM feature.
– No App User Settings Backup and Restore (Phone Contacts Backup is fully functional in free version).

The Pro version has unlimited contacts, email accounts and ilaunch items: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/18560228

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