DisplayCandy 1.0.6-1 for iPhone

Download : http://www.gulfup.com/?q9ocTN

DisplayCandy 1.0.6-1 for iPhone is the first
tweak which has the capability of customize the animation while you are opening or closing any applications. This wonderful tweak is compatible with iOS 5 , 6 or newer. DisplayCandy 1.0.6-1 is very helpful tweak for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that released with new “Swing” transition and random mode. Josh Kugelmann (ProtoSphere) is the developer of DisplayCandy that allows you to customize the animation when opening, closingand switching apps.DisplayCandy 1.0.6-1 is an updated version which released with the support of iOS 6. DisplayCandy 1.0.6-1 for iOS provides over 10 different animations for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as Cube, Flip, Page Curl and TV Tube.

DisplayCandy 1.0.6-1 Features

Swing transition
Random mode
10 different animations
Cube animation
Flip animation
Page Curl animation
TV Tube animation
Customize the animation
iOS 6 support

What’s New In DisplayCandy 1.0.6-1

Add random mode
Fix iPad rotation bugs
Add new “Swing” transition
Fix crash when using the “push” animation

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