Advance OS and LED v15.0 (Major Upgrade) Available in App World

Advance OS and LED v15.0 (Major Upgrade) Available in App World Advance OS and LED

Are you looking for a free alternative to BeBuzz? Look no further than Advance OS and LED. Change your LED light colors on your phone for different contacts and apps like Facebook and BBM. For a free LED app this one is pretty thorough, you can also mix your own colors and choose from 100 colors.Advance OS and LED has been updated to version 15 in App world. Hit the break to find out what’s new!

What’s new?

  • Main screen new User Interface.
  • Added Battery Saving Mode feature.
  • Added Battery & Usage Monitor Feature with export reports to CSV.
  • Added Word Substitution (AutoText) Manager feature (export/import/delete duplicates).
  • Added Vibration Option to all LEDs.
  • Added Ringtones Option to all LEDs.
  • Added Holster support for ringtones.
  • Added ‘delete’ and ‘insert into’ any step in iLaunch custom actions.
  • Added key shortcuts in iLaunch Popup.
  • Added More Custom LEDs slots.
  • Added new phone Call LEDs (Call Timer, Dial, Mute, Hold/Resume).
  • Added Wifi and Bluetooth LEDs (under Network LEDs).- Fixed issues with hookt app and other 3rd party apps not showing LED sometimes.
  • Minimized battery usage for app
  • Fixed timing issues with wallpaper feature.
  • Fixed html email message’s issues.
  • Fixed ringtones not playing sometimes.
  • Fixed LED not flashing after exceeding 17 LED colors bb limitation.
  • Fixed camera Flashlight not showing help message.
  • Fixed network LED after call end.
  • Fixed major bug in “update contacts details” menu option in LED & Ringtone feature.