Rolled back to v3.2.0.7.  If users aren’t experiancing any problems, it should be fine to continue using v3.2.0.9


Twitter v. di TARIK kembali,disarankan kembali ke versi sebelumnya, v3.2.0.7.


**Update** Twitter for BlackBerry v3.2.0.9 in Beta Zone Pulled
Published on September 18th, 2012
Written by: Geof Smith

Just after a release of the new Twitter Beta v3.2.0.9 was launched in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, it has been pulled.  This is due to some users experiancing some serious problems with the Beta while attempting to post tweets.

There is nothing official on the BlackBerry Beta Zone website, but the beta has been rolled back to v3.2.0.7.  If users aren’t experiancing any problems, it should be fine to continue using v3.2.0.9, but this writer has seen some glitches first hand, such as posting a tweet and a secondary tweet box “hanging”.  The app is also attempting to use a different account (when multiple accounts are set up) instead of the account which is posting the tweet.

If there are any other issues that have been noticed, please post in the comment section below, and immediatly reinstall v3.2.0.7, until BlackBerry releases another beta version.

Grab the Twitter Beta in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

If you want to take a small break from all the iPhone 5 bashing that #teamBlackBerry is dishing out, make sure you check out the new T4BB that’s out in the Beta Zone right now. This new version brings the timeline fix we’ve all been waiting for finally.

The following is a list of issues fixed in version

  • Duplicate Tweets in timeline
  • If you save a picture that was embedded in an email (not attached), you are unable to Tweet photo later. States “Could not process image”
  • Duplicate list created – can’t be deleted
  • User name is clipped and Thai characters visible on the background when typed English User Name and Password on the Text box field
  • Check out Twitter for BlackBerry v3.2.0.7 in the Beta Zone


It was only a few days ago that we saw v3.2.0.7 released to the BlackBerry Beta Zone but now RIM has another build for those who like to live on the edge to test out. Twitter for BlackBerry v3.2.0.9 is now available in the Beta Zone as well.

Article Preview

Since RIM hasn’t sent out the notifications fully for this release yet, they’ve also not updated the changelog for now so you’re on your own to dig through some of those. Once the changelog gets posted, we’ll update the post but in the meantime if you see anything of note, drop it in the comments.

More info in the BlackBerry Beta Zone