We’ve all wondered at some point whether our beloved BlackBerry Messenger would one day make its way to other operating systems such as iOS or Android. It looks as if this shift in the smartphone world has begun.

android bbm

Recently, pictures emerged showing BBM on a screen that is much like the HTC Wildfire, obviously not a BlackBerry device. The BBM for Android version was running SitSLIP debugger 1.3.45. While at the end of last year, similar photos were leaked sporting the same type of thing, yet, those were much more unbelievable. It seemed that the font used on that supposed BBM for Android app was native to BlackBerry, thus unlikely to be legitimate pictures. That’s not the case this time.

It’s still uncertain when the BBM for Android release date will actually occur, but we have been told that it’s only going to be a LITE version at this time. Currently no word has been mentioned regarding the release of BBM for iOS. Should iPhones get BBM, does that mean no more iMessage? Possibly.

If this works out, and Android and iPhone users do end up with BlackBerry Messenger, this just may be the turning point that Research In Motion needed to bring RIM and BlackBerry back to the top of the smartphone market. If this patent release goes well, it could also strike up the interest of many non-BlackBerry users to move to BlackBerry just so they can gain access to all the other goodies that come along with having a BlackBerry.

Source: TechnoBuffalo