Samsung Galaxy S3: Disable 4G/LTE

Samsung Galaxy S3: Disable 4G/LTE

There are a few reasons users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 may want to disable the 4G/LTE network connection. The reason most users do it is to gain a significant boost in battery life. It’s also wise to disable 4G if you will be using the phone in an area that does not have anything by 3G coverage. Whatever reason you have, here’s how to turn off 4G/LTE on the Galaxy S3.


1. From the app list, select Settings.

2. Select Data usage (More…)

3. Tap Mobile networks.

4. Choose Network mode.

5. Choose the CDMA setting.

With this selection, the phone will connect only to the 3G network. If you decide you’d like to utilize 4G at any time, simply switch the setting back to LTE / CDMA.