The FileScout Dropbox Plugin

You need a FileScout RegistrationCode in order to connect to your Dropbox account. The Plugin will not work for the free FileScout Lite Version. There is no need to have anything additionally installed on your BlackBerry®.
WARNING: The FileScout Dropbox Plugin has the potential to transfer extremely large volumes of data using your carrier’s network. Please be aware that this could result in large overage charges over the course of a month if you do not have an unlimited data plan. Regardless of your data plan, please consider configuring FileScout to use WiFi (FileScout Options/General Options/Preferred Network set to either Auto or WiFi) whenever available as an alternate to using your carrier’s network.
Preparation, Installation, Configuration
Before you can use the Plugin you need a) a Dropbox account, b) at least FileScout v2.5.0.1 (or higher) installed and c) you need a FileScout RegistrationCode or you must be still in the 14 day trial period.

For the start, open the FileScout Options and scroll down to the Item ‘Dropbox Plugin’ – if you do not have such a Item present then you either have not the latest FileScout Version installed or you might use the free FileScout Lite Version.

Step 1)
When the Plugin is not installed yet then you see a button called ‘Install Plugin OTA’
Once the press this button Filescout will be closed and the BlackBerry® Browser will be opened and point to the FileScout Dropbox Installation page.
Follow the Instructions on the webpage to install the Plugin (o)ver (t)he (a)ir on your
When the installation is completed you can close the Browser and launch FileScout again.

Step 2)
Open the FileScout Dropbox Options again
Now you should see the Dropbox login and password entry fields
Enter your Dropbox account information and press the Login button
The Dropbox Options will be automatically closed and…
…after your account is successfully verified you will be informed by a short message
Please note if you don’t have an Dropbox account yet you need to create one via the Dropbox Website.
If you get a HTTP-TRANSPORT-ERROR [ErrorCode: 4001] at this stage then this means that FileScout is not able to make any HTTP Connection (which is essential for the Plugin to work).
Please check:
FileScout – General Options – Preferred Network Setting – you might need to adjust this to WiFi, BES/BIS or it might be required (when using WAP2 or TCP) to configure in APN in the advanced TCP/IP configuration of your BlackBerry
Your Firewall Configuration (see How to configure Internet access for FileScout)

Step 3)
When you now open again the FileScout Dropbox Options you should see the following information:
You Dropbox Account name (read only) – Please note, that the FileScout Dropbox Plugin will not save your Dropbox account password in any kind. The Password will be used only once for the login verification. If you want to revoke the access right for the FileScout Dropbox Plugin you can either use the Logout button or you can use the Dropbox Website
Enable/disable Online Warning Message (warning about transfer volume)
When you use “Auto” as FileScout Options/General Options/Preferred Network setting you can disable certain fallback transports – e.g. when your BES Admin have blocked access to the Dropbox URL
Enable/configure a warning notification if a transfer will exceed a certain volume – you can select between OFF, 1 MiB, 5 MiB, 25 MiB and 200 MiB
Check for FileScout Dropbox Plugin Update button
Clear FileScout Dropbox Plugin Cache button – FileScout is caching the folder structure of Dropbox – this cache can be flushed via this function
Receiving a File from your Dropbox

Step 1)
In FileScout browse to the folder in which you would like to store the file that you want to get from your Dropbox.
Open the Menu and select ‘Receive From…’

Step 2)
In the Popup dialog select ‘from Dropbox’

Step 3)
Select the file (or multiple files) you like to download

Step 4)
Press ENTER to start the download (or open the #Menu and select the Download-MenuItem)
Sending a File to your Dropbox

Step 1)
In FileScout browse to the folder from which you like to upload files to your Dtopbox
Select a file, multiple files or a complete directory
Open the Menu and select ‘Send to…’

Step 2)
In the Popup dialog select ‘to Dropbox’

Step 3)
Navigate to the dropbox destination folder
Open the #Menu
Select the Upload ‘FolderNameHERE’ MenuItem
Please note, that when you like to upload a file to your Dropbox root folder, then there is a second Upload ” MenuItem

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