FileScout/FileScoutLite v2.9.1.1 ‘More Customization Options’ – all Info’s + OTA:

What’s Changed :

New Appearance Option (Touch Devices only): Hide Toolbar (change will take only effect after a restart of FileScout)

If you have the opinion that the additional touch toolbar at the bottom have no use for you, you now can disable the toobar to get additional space on the screen.

New Settings Category ‘Copy, Paste & Clipboard Setting’:

Clear Clipbboard before add a File/Dir [Default OFF]

Now you can select if the clipboard should be automatically flushed when you add a file or directory (in previous builds this was hardcoded)

Clear Clipbboard before add muliple Files/Directories (multiple Selection) [Default OFF]

Same as above – just for the adding multiple files (selection)

When Destination Exist (moved from the General Settings category)

Clear Clipboard after Copy [Default OFF]
If enabled all successful copied files/directories will be removed from the clipboard. (Please Note that when you make use of the move operation this always happens)

Clear Selection after Copy [Default OFF]
If enabled all files that have been previously marked as selected in FileScout (no matter if added to the clipboard or not) will be unselected


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